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Payment Policies Exchanges, Returns and Refunds

Check out our Payments and Refunds Policy in this section. Information about our shipping policies, editing changes, mixing and mastering; Terms of Use, Privacy Policies; are accessible in the footer of our website. If you can't find what you need, please get in touch.

Payment, Exchange, Return and Refund Policies



1. Payment


1.1 Online payments:


1.1.1 The User is aware and agrees that the purchase of the product will be through the provision of a service by a company responsible for payment management (payment modules that offer and manage means of payment such as bills and cards), independently managed by LUFR , which is why this party does not intervene in the results of the User's relationship with the company responsible for managing payments.

1.1.2 The payment approval period may vary depending on the payment management service provider. LUFR awaits their approval for dispatch, release of the purchased product download, without any way to change the approval time or reverse the order that is managed by a secure system of: 1-approval; 2-immediate release after confirmation from the payment management company.

1.1.3 LUFR does not intervene in the relationship between the user and the payment management company chosen by the user, among those available on the SITE.

1.1.4 LUFR cannot guarantee that the services provided by the companies responsible for managing payments, chosen by the user, will work without interruptions, delays or other imperfections. For any questions or support regarding payments or payment modules, please contact us via email: .


1.2 Offline Payments

1.2.1 No offline payment is part of the LUFR guidelines for ON-DEMAND and VIP digital services, therefore, under no circumstances can payments be made in any payment method outside the LUFR SITE environment ;_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

1.2.2 Offline payments are accepted only for extra expenses for personal care services such as: consumption, damages, equipment rental; carried out within the establishments of our partners, under their own policies and conditions, to which we have no access or powers.

 2 - Payment modules:

2.1 All financial transactions are carried out in external modules operated by internal banking centers and with technical support and their own policies.

2.2 The list of payment modules and their respective contacts are:

A - Pagseguro 

B - Mercadopago

C- Paypal

D-Wix Payment

E - Boleto

2.3 To find out about the policies of each of the payment modules, as well as to ask questions regarding, for example, security, validation procedures, data protection, please visit the official page of the payment modules and carefully read their policies.  

2.4 To find out about the payment methods that each financial institution offers, such as boleto, pix, credit and debit card brands, please visit the official page of payment modules and carefully read their policies. If you prefer, contact us via email:  

3 Security of data delivery:

3.1 All financial transactions are processed in the banking environment of financial institutions, external to the LUFR SITE , and under the exclusive control of banks and/or financial institutions, however:

3.2 All data filled in the environment of our website are protected and encrypted by SSL, and then are exchanged via the internal environment between the LUFR WEBSITE system and the financial institution.

3.3 LUFR does not have access to, and does not record critical information data from your financial transactions such as passwords and security codes, even when:

3.4 You ( USER ) can save the basic data of your card in your virtual wallet, available on your user page, protected by your personal password. In this case, and in this way,  every time you ( USER ) use the cards saved in your virtual wallet, additional data will be requested in all future financial operations.

3.4.1 LUFR does not have access to such personal information. To find out what information we can access, and/or what data we collect, and how we handle this data, please read our Privacy Policy , available through the link at the bottom of the SITE .

4 Refund Policy

4.1 It will take place automatically when:

4.1.2 In the event of bankruptcy, or termination of LUFR 's activities.

4.1.3 In the event that the contracted services cannot be delivered within the deadline, whether this reason of any nature is at the discretion unilaterally adopted by LUFR , and cannot be contested, or in any way, LUFR will be obliged to perform the service if it chooses to execute this clause.


4.1.4 If it is found that bank details have been misused.

4.1.5 If there is no response to LUFR 's contact attempts. relating to any matters, such as failure to send the material within the deadline set forth herein.

4.1.6 Bank fees that may be charged from financial institutions to LUFR may be withheld, with onus attributed to the inertia of the USER .

4.2 May be requested when:

4.2.1 Fraudulent practices with their data are reported by the user, such as: the loss of data in any other environment, theft or theft of their cards, and unauthorized use of data by third parties.

PARAGRAPH 1 : It is the responsibility of the USER to protect their bank details, passwords and card possessions, generation of digital cards, etc. In any case, LUFR is committed to the good practice of commercial transactions on the internet, and does not condone acts of bad faith. Then just send an email to with the subject UNAUTHORIZED PURCHASE ON MY CARD , and we will give you priority as soon as possible. 

PARAGRAPH 2 : In case your data is used for a criminal act, we will be jointly and severally available to provide the information regarding the generated service order, so that you ( USER ) look for the police authority, and through the police investigation with the financial institution used in the criminal purchase, can identify more information about such financial transaction, as we do not store data in relation to financial transactions, we only have access to approved or disapproved purchase information, means of payment, and date and time of the bank transaction, as explained above. in our Privacy Policy, which is available through the link in the footer of the SITE .

4.2.2 At any time within 7 days after approval of the payment by financial institutions, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code, except as stated in clause 4.3.1 of this Payments and Refunds Policy.

4.2.3 If the USER chooses to withdraw from the purchase made on our website, the return will be requested from the financial institution and may vary according to the financial institution chosen by the USER . An email will be sent by our team informing the deadlines for return, which follows the legal rites of internal policies of third-party companies, which cannot be contested, and thus prevents LUFR from being sued in court if the USER's wishes are inconsistent. , or different from what is exposed by this and the Internal Policies of financial institutions. 

4.2.4 In full, when there is no delivery or performance of a VIP Service , due to unavailability of agenda or non -compliance with the deadline stipulated by the VIP contractor (VIP SUPPLIER ) in both modalities: online and in person. Learn more about  a   VIP Supplier Engagement Policy .  

Note 01. In case of non-delivery of any VIP Service, we can suggest another VIP SUPPLIER , or the performance of the contracted service by the team of professionals from the direct collaborators of LUFR for the execution of the Service if there is availability of agenda.

Note 02. If the sending inconsistency is identified, after the File Verification , carried out by LUFR to prove that the file(s) delivered by the VIP SUPPLIER have content, for example, a zip file without any file inside, or with other content, will check what happened with the VIP SUPPLIER , and if by chance the deadline is compromised, we will contact the USER to verify if he wants to extend the deadline, transfer the service to another VIP SUPPLIER or receive a full refund if no delivery has been made by the VIP SUPPLIER . Find out more by visiting a  VIP Supplier Hiring Policy.

4.2.5 When the face-to-face service does not take place due to unavailability of the agenda, delays outside the tolerance informed by the VIP SUPPLIER during negotiations, or in the impossibility of performing the face-to-face service due to security issues or equipment differences.  

4.2.6 In the case described in clause 4.2.5, a proof must be produced by the USER and sent to LUFR 's care, together with the reimbursement request for analysis of what happened between LUFR and the VIP SUPPLIER .

4.3 It cannot be requested:

4.3.1 When the files are already in the possession of LUFR , as they are already in the editing process. 

4.3.2 If LUFR , after the two recalls that are part of the mixing package, is not fully satisfied with the editing, mixing, mastering and other ON-DEMAND services, as the quality of such services is directly linked to services provided by third parties , without any quality control by LUFR , and which directly influence the quality of the product delivered by LUFR .

4.3.3 Any time the service package is being edited, which starts when LUFR receives the files sent by the USER .

Note. During the suggested period of 07 days., upon realizing that there is an idle work order, we will contact the USER through the contact information provided on their User Profile page, so that, in advance, we can understand and help our USERS to solve possible difficulties in sending files; extend the deadline for sending the material; and notwithstanding, so that we can identify possible fraudulent transactions under the User Profile account in question. For more information about how we handle your data and how we proceed in cases of possible fraud, please read our Privacy Policy, available through the link at the foot of the SITE .

4.3.4 If the USER does not download, or loses the finished files delivered through the email provided in their USER registration, and also

4.3.5 Cancellation of the registered email account; cancellation of the USER account on our website so that we cannot find the contacts to be delivered, or that the download link is forwarded to your spam folder, and is automatically deleted during idle period. 

4.3.6 Have already been delivered by LUFR via download link sent to the email registered during purchase.

4.3.7 They are already in the possession of the VIP SUPPLIERS if the USER has contracted this type of service, which characterizes it as an ON-DEMAND service in progress, as described in clause 4.3.1, 4.3.3 or:

4.3.8 A delivery has already been carried out by the VIP SUPPLIERS , even if there are still  recalls to conclude in accordance with the negotiation carried out by the USER and the VIP SUPPLIER through LUFR 's official communication channels.  

NOTE : There is a unique policy that governs VIP services, click here to read this policy in full.


5 Will be Partially Returned at the initiative of LUFR :

5.1 50% of the value if the files are not compatible with what is exposed in the submission manual, exposed and available for download in the section " FILE SUBMISSION MANUAL " available for download at the footer of the SITE .

5.2 75% of the value if LUFR deems that it is not possible to edit, mix, master or perform any service packages for reasons sensitive to the quality of the material or information provided by the USER.

5.2.1 For this to happen, clauses 5.1 and 5.2 are executed, firstly, LUFR will contact the USER through the contacts provided on its User Profile page to refine the editing information, request a new editing script, in case of movies, audiovisual and podcasts, or even give instructions for improving the quality of files for editing, mixing and mastering music.

5.2.3 The 25% fee will be charged in case of refusal of work (due to the impossibility of carrying out the work), as working hours will be necessary until the problem is identified, which makes it impossible to perform the contracted service; communicated to the USER pursuant to clause 5.2 of this Payments and Refunds Policy. and...


5.2.1 - in this specific case exposed in clauses 5.2 and 5.2.3 - not resolved by the USER after communication between the parties.

5.2.4 If the problem is resolved, allowing the natural course of the work, no return will be allowed, or may be requested, and the work will follow the common editing rites, however:

5.2.5 Its delivery time will be changed, taking into account the base date for sending the new files, once the problem that, for the time being, made it impossible to perform the On-Demand service within the initially contracted period, exposed on the product page in the website.

6 Exchanges

6.1 As these are on-demand services sold online, it is not possible to carry out EXCHANGES as on a website that sells physical or digital products.

7 Returns.

7.1 As these are digital products made on demand, it is not possible to MAKE a return, it is only possible to make refund requests as described in this Exchange and Refund Policy .

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