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Downloads, Shipping and Receiving Policy.

Check in this section our Policy for Downloading products, sending and receiving files for On-Demmand services. Information about all our policies is accessible at the footer of our website. If you can't find what you need, please get in touch.

Downloading and Sending Files



Sending and downloading ON-DEMAND services: Mastering.


Your downloads section on your User Profile page, corresponds only to your work order, instruction manuals for sending files. Our system, for security reasons, has not been programmed to make any changes to your user profile page, as set out in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. 


With this in mind, together with the fact that ON-DEMAND services (mastering) are carried out in a unitary and personalized way, deliveries are made through external file sending platforms. Such platforms use advanced encryption, secrecy and security technologies and are the best device available on the market for exchanging files. This means security for sending files for editing by USERS for editing, which extends to the delivery of files finalized by LUFR.

Therefore, the link sent by our system by email, and the link available on your User Profile page, contains two informative files, one of which is a thank you for your purchase, and the other a manual for file submissions.

Manuals with all download information, User Profile page illustrations, where to find your work order number, shipping procedures for each product type, are available for download from our Support page. If you prefer, click here .

For questions, access our faq here , or contact us by email , we will respond as soon as possible.

1 File submission procedure for ON-DEMAND editing:


1.1 After purchasing your Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design package, a service order will be generated that will be sent to your email, and will always be available on your User Page in the MY PURCHASES field.

1.2 Your service order number is identified as "order number" on your payment invoice sent by email by our system, and is always visible in the MY PURCHASES field on your User Profile page. We need this number to assign the start of an on-demand service to a file uploaded through our website.


1.3 You must access the File Upload page on our website, fill in the fields of the submission form with your data registered on your User Profile page, used during your purchases on our website.


1.4 In the URL field, the USER must insert a link to share the file generated by the platforms described below in this paragraph. Note that each of them has particularities such as the size of the single shipment, link duration time, free shipments or paid plans. Choose the one that best fits your file size. Visit the platforms official website for more information, or visit our File Upload page here for some basic information about the platforms:



Note 01. When sharing your link in the environment of the sending platforms, use the email address: as the recipient. However, we will only access the links sent by the submission form.


Note 02. Preferably, send a single link with all your material. If this is not possible, you can use the File Upload form more than once, with different URLs for editing. But remember to enter the same Service Order number in the relevant field, so that we can compile all your files in a single folder to perform the ON-DEMAND service.

1.5 In the "Service Order" field, the USER must enter the number generated by our system, so that we can identify your payment and start your ON-DEMAND service.


1.6 In the "Message" field, the USER must explain in as much detail (there is no need to use technical terms) what he expects to be done in his ON-DEMAND service, for example: short pauses between the lines of the podcast , vocals at the same volume as the instruments, bass or loud guitars, streaming-only mastering, bass kick, distorted bass…

1.6.1 Also in the "Message" field, include information about BPM, Tempo, and if there are tempo changes, in which measures these changes take place. 


1.7 In the "Reference 01 and 02" fields, the USER can include links to references from other similar works, or with desired elements. The user can still explain in the message field that reference 01 is about the vocals, and reference 02 is about the drums, for example.


Note. Only Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Vimeo links are accepted, we do not have access to all streaming platforms, so if the user is premium on Deezer, Tidal, etc, and does not have access to the sharing on Spotfy, or the reference is on some social network, the user must look for the (or other reference) music reference; movie; or podcast; on youtube, or on another platform described here.


2 Supported audio files:


2.1 For mastering, files must be sent in stereo, 24bit (or 32bit-float) in wav 44.1kHz or 48kHz

3 How to prepare files for submission for Stereo mastering:

3.1 Remove all plugins that may be inserted in any master track in your DAW such as compressors, equalizers, effects, filters, stereo width, and limiter. Adjust the volume of all tracks as a group so that the output level of your mixing session is below 0dB and does not distort, and does not have peak clipping.

3.2 Export a stereo file in Wav format, 24 or 32bit (float), with a sample rate of 44.1kHz or 48kHz

3.3 MP3 files, and other formats are not accepted for master.

4 How to prepare files for submission for mastering in Dolby Atmos or Multi-Steams:

4.1 For Dolby Atmos Mastering and Stereo Mastering by Multi-Steams, we need to have access to the Stereo Steams of your song.

4.2 Keep all plugins in your DAW, and export (bounce) instrument sessions, as in the example:

  • Steam 01 - Drums

  • Steam 02 - Electronic Drums

  • Steam 03 - Bass

  • Steam 04 - Clean Guitars

  • Steam 05 - Clean Guitars Effects

  • Steam 06 - Drive Guitars

  • Steam 07 - Piano

  • Steam 08 - Synths

  • Steam 09 - Strings

  • Steam 10 - Breath

  • Steam 11 - Breath Effects 

  • Steam 12 - Sound Effects

  • Steam 13 - Main Vocals

  • Steam 14 - Main Vocal Effects

  • Steam 15 - Backing Vocals

  • Steam 16 - Backing Vocal Effects

4.3 For Dolby Atmos mastering, send us preferably with Sample Rate 48kHz Bit Depht 24bits, with loudness up to -18LUFS dBTP-01, or -8 dB peak, if the user does not know how to send the file at the recommended loudness. Read  here are some tips on how to send your files at a safe level of Loudness for all mastering formats.

5 Receipt of completed ON-DEMAND files:


5.1 At the end of the stipulated period that will be exposed in the description of the contracted service, the links will be sent through the platform, wetransfer, google drive or through the Mixup application/website, to the emails registered in your User Profile.


5.2 In accordance with our Privacy Policy, we cannot make changes to your User Profile page. Therefore, the downloads section on your particular User Profile page corresponds only to information on how to send your files to be edited by LUFR


5.3 However, we choose to send finished files in the same way they are sent to us; through well-known applications and websites with a high reputation for security and secrecy. 

5.4 In addition to the link automatically generated and sent by the file upload platform, to the email address registered in your order, we will manually send an email alerting you that your files are ready for download, with a copy of the link generated by the file upload platform on email body.


5.5 After the deadline for delivery of your material, check your email inbox, your spam folder, or other available folders. If it is found that the download link for your audio tracks is not in your email box, please contact us via email: and we will solve the problem, and send a new link to the your email.


5.6 All files are in the following formats:

  • Music Mastering: Wav 44.1kHz-16bit (loudness at -14 or -8LUFS/True Pick -1)

  • Podcast Mastering: Wav 44.1kHz-16bit (loudness at -14LUFS/True Pick -1)

  • HIFI Music Mastering - Multi-Steams: Wav 44.1kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz at 24bit (Loudness at -08LUFS/-01dBTP)

  • Dolby Atmos Music: Wav 48kHz (rendered) and BWF ADM (Dolby Atmos File) for distribution on supported platforms. Both with Loudness at -18LUFS/-01dBTP 24bit.

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